Sep 21 2012

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Election Shorts: Obama’s Biggest Failure?

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Misplaced Priorities

Speaking at the Spanish language Univision forum yesterday, President Obama made the most remarkable assertion,My biggest failure so far is we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform  done.”

Beyond the ominous subconscious warning to voters that more failures are yet to come, can there be a more breathtaking example of presidential hubris? Or a better showcase for the very real disconnect that the President has with the concerns of average Americans?

Lack of immigration reform is his biggest failure?

Tell that to the 23 million Americans who are seeking full time work.

Tell that middle class Americans who have seen their incomes drop.

Tell that to the record 46 million Americans in poverty.

Tell that to the 21 million Americans who have lost their home equity or lost their homes entirely to foreclosure.

Tell that to the taxpayers who footed the bill for the failed $860 billion “Stimulus.”

Tell that to today’s children who will have to pay back the over $5 trillion in debt that POTUS added to the national debt in only 4 years as the nation’s credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history.

Tell that to the businesses that won’t hire or expand due to the uncertainty of Obama promises on tax increases, costly regulation and the miasma of Obamacare.

Some will say that at worst, this was simply the President pandering to Latino voters.

But in truth, slips of the tongue reveal Obama.

Remember Joe the Plumber and “spreading the money around?” And more recently,”You didn’t build that?” “The private sector is doing just fine?”

Consider this.

14 days after the Stimulus bill passed, the President held his first forum on health care reform, effectively pivoting from the economy. That subsequent effort consumed all the political oxygen for eighteen months while the unemployment rate jumped and growth cratered. POTUS moved to on to an important  but ultimately ancillary issue – certainly not the most important issue.

It was his priority, not America’s

Yesterday’s interview seems to prove that President Obama has learned nothing from healthcare fiasco, continuing to confuse his priority list with that of the American people.

Team Romney, if you don’t see this as a gift from the political gods, at a time when you need it the most,  you are as out of touch as White House and deserve what you get.

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