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  1. Thomas M.C.Wong

    The issue is we should not be making any kind of deal with such a barbaric people. They should not be allowed as many centrifuges as they already have and growing. Bibi said, the Persians were once a great and noble people under they were “hijacked” by the mullahs and become a regime that cannot be trusted. Since the joke of “inspectors” were not allowed to inspect and cannot come up with any solid conclusions…how do we know that there are not other sites, underground or otherwise actively producing nuclear material? What we see, is what they are allowing us to see. So why would anyone in their right mind trust these jokers?

    And why would a standing POTUS threaten Israel with violence or worst, war should she act alone? Is that not a clear message to all Muslims, friendly or otherwise, with who, the USA stands with? The Muslims? This speech should make the history books as the “INSULT OF THE CENTURY” where a standing US POTUS and his minions in congress sides with the Muslims and Islamic terrorist against a free and democratic state of the Middle East. Any and all arguments put forth by Obama, Kerry, Rice and all is MUTE…it’s political “nit picking” NO DEALS!! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE WHERE IT SHOULD BE “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, JACK!!” Unbelievable, don’t this administration realize that they are toying with peoples lives? Of future generations? All because of personal issues?? Where are the grown ups?

    The bottom line is, Iran cannot have the “bomb”. End of story. It’s bad enough N. Korea has it, and they don’t need a carrier system to reach the USA…just one of it’s allies, just enough to hold it hostage.

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