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About the Soapbox…

“Duffy’s Soapbox” is written by Christopher Coughlin, a veteran of several political campaigns and two presidential Administrations, working in national security issues related to high technology trade, as well as developmental project finance in emerging markets. Through his career in both the public and private sector, he has worked at a nexus where culture and politics impact business, globally.

The Soapbox had humble beginnings as a handout to expatriate Americans living in Southeast Asia, providing context and analysis of political developments in the US and abroad. It has continued since, in email form to a dedicated number of loyal readers, whose urging and support resulted in creation of this website.



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  1. Bob Popp

    As a university political science instructor, I have told my students that a dark horse candidate would appear in the Republican Party race…Americans were tired of the usual suspects running at present…Rick Perry was one of my guesses…I have to ask…why has no one approached the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia?…Bob McDonnell’s record is very impressive…retired military officer, family man, pro-life, retired the state debt, handsome, and an excellent speaker…why is he not on the Republican radar for president?

    Keep up the good work.

    Enjoyed hearing you on the Rick Hamada show.
    Bob Popp
    Commander USN (Ret.)

    1. C2

      Bob: first, many thanks for checking in on the site and taking time to comment.

      The McDonnell question is interesting on a number of levels. I think the principal reason McDonnell isn’t on the radar is a preceived lack of experience. He’s only been in charge in VA for 18 months. Yes, he was AG before becoming governor, and a military officer as you point out, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify him for the front rank right now; at least that’s my opinion. The same criteria will eventually weed out Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin if she decides to run. The danger of inexperience is plain from a review of POTUS’s record. We don’t need that again, no matter how stylish, polished or positive an initial candidate record is. I think the same is true with Chris Christie, who shows the fighting spirit the GOP needs, but as a national candidate is too inexperienced (and too far to the left) to get the GOP nomination.

      The sad issue with McDonnell is that the VA governor is only allowed one, four year term. It’s a quirk from Reconstruction, but it hobbles effective Virginia leaders from going national, since most successful gov candidates have a re-election under their belts to ratify their leadership (Reagan, Clinton, Bush). VA leaders need to go to the Senate, like George Allen (looking to make a comeback) and Mark Warner. It complicates timing on the national stage.

      Glad you enjoy my segment on the Rich Hamada program. Still learning the ropes, talking on radio ( I could go on for hours…).

      Please continue to check in and comment as much as you like.



      1. Reegan

        I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it etxermely easy for me!

    2. Dolley

      Thought it woludn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

  2. Prudence

    Boy that ralely helps me the heck out.

  3. Colin

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy your regular spot on the Rick Hamada show. You articulate the current issues clearly and have garnered a +1 follower. Keep up the hard work.

    1. duffysoa

      Colin: my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      First, thank you for listening to the Rick Hamada Show and our Monday segment and taking the time to write. I am glad to hear that you enjoy our segments and that I can count you as a +1. We live in a very consequential time and with so much going on in our personal lives, it’s sometimes hard to make time or take time for to consider the bigger picture. I try hard to bring accurate, current information – and of course my take on it – to all the issues we discuss.

      If you’ve got a view, I encourage you to call in, or email.



  4. Zatoichi Zatoichi


    I’m another Rick Hamada Show listener and appreciate your commentaries Monday mornings. Thanks to you and your heads-up, I’ll be voting Tuesday for the Hawaii GOP caucus as a new card-carrying Republican. I hope to see Carly Fiorina on the ballot, if not, I’ll vote for Trump. If I don’t see Carly on the ballot and if Trump is not the Presidential nominee, I’ll tear up my new card and return it to our local GOP headquarters as a spite. To add further damage, I’ll vote for Hillary. Don’t you see we need a third party called the Trump movement party?

    My ideal scenario would be Trump as President and Carly as his VP. So when Trump is likely assassinated, Carly will be President. The reason why women are voting for Hillary besides her popularity, is that they want her to be the first woman President of the US. The black minority had their turn with Obama, now its time for the women minority. The latino minority can wait after the Trump Presidency. With Cruz and Rubio, they’re both young guns and they need to respect the elder Trump. Voters need to be reminded that all voters both Democrat and Republican, blacks and latinos, 50 percent are women and that in itself is a caucus just like the Black Caucus.

    The old Republican and Democrat establishment cronies has censored Carly to not dilute Hillary’s womens vote and attention. That’s why Carly had to suspend her campaign by the “Powers That Be” and calling the GOP caucus “fixed”. With Carly as VP, Trump can easily beat Hillary with the women’s vote. Without Carly as VP or with any GOP Presidential nominee, Hillary will win.

    Carly only suspended her candidacy, we need to recall her back.

    As always, will be hearing you on Rick’s radio program.

    Zatoichi Zatoichi “Z2”

  5. RangerMC

    I enjoy your segments on Rick Hamada’s show. Usually, I stop what I’m doing and listen in to hear if I missed something or looked at an issue w/ a different perspective. I pass you along to everyone I know who is willing to listen. As you may know, word of mouth advertising is still #1 in effectiveness. Yours is a refresshingly reasoned viewpoint. Shaka bradah. See you on the radio!

    k den

    1. duffysoa

      Mark: sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for taking time to write, and your very kind words. I try hard to provide a fresh, fact/experienced perspective. I’m grateful that Rick has given me a chance with the Monday slot.

      Truly appreciate your word of mouth support. Always feel free to comment here or on my Facebook site. The more the merrier.



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